The company

Property investment company

Témpore Properties is a SOCIMI (REIT- Real Estate Investment Trust), the main activity of which is the acquisition and management of residential properties for rent. The properties of Témpore come from the portfolio acquired by the Management Company for Assets Arising from the Banking Sector Reorganisation (Sareb).

Today, the portfolio of Témpore is made up of 2,228 residential assets in Catalonia, the Community of Madrid, Community of Valencia, Andalusia, La Rioja, Murcia, Balearic Islands and Castilla la Mancha.
The aim of the company is to undertake the efficient management of its assets, which places it as one of the benchmark operators nationally and to contribute to professionalising and consolidating the rental market in Spain. Today, Témpore is in third place of Spain REIT ranking by housing portfolio.


Our strategy

The activity of Témpore Properties focuses mainly on the management of residential properties for rent in areas with a high demand and with expectations of obtaining a good return to its shareholders. The commercial strategy is developed with the support of specialized entities that operate throughout the Spanish territory and that guarantee a good management of the rents and an optimal adaptation of their properties.​​​

Management team


The team of Témpore Properties is made up of a large number of professionals with extensive experience in property development and management.

Internal regulation of conduct

This document defines the rules relating to the management and control of the privileged information, communication of the relevant information, constitutive conduct of market handling, operations about shares of the company and its group and the realisation of holding of its own shares. The regulation is passed for the purposes of overseeing the interests of investors and anticipating and avoiding possible irregularities, without affecting the policies that Témpore Properties may agree to promote and facilitate the participation of its administrators and employees in its social capital within the strictest respect for the legislation in force.

Mission Feature


The company’s mission is the efficient and responsible management of its portfolio of assets that enables it to offer the maximum profitability to its shareholders.



Témpore Properties works to contribute to boosting and professionalising the home rental market in Spain, through responsible and innovative management methods.  



The company undertakes its activity under ethical standards and with socially responsible criteria, with transparency when being accountable to groups of interest and with the civic commitment of respecting the environment.


Témpore Properties is committed to the professionalization and consolidation of the rental market in Spain, and for this reason is committed to responsible management that enables it to offer sustainable profitability to its shareholders and attend to the demands and needs of its tenants. 
Moreover, it has the vocation to contribute to transforming the Spanish property market with the development of new techniques of property management that are more innovative, more transparent, more efficient and respectful to the environment.